Services By Expertise.

Digitization and Operations

Mark has spent decades working in back office environments and has lead many digitization initiatives.  Recently he has produced innovative research in this area covering 7,000 variables across the enterprise.

Transformations and Resizing

Focusing on sustainable program and model efficiencies, Mark works with teams to deliver needed results with methods that can be performed in iterations within the enterprise using skills transference.

Strategic Imperatives

From innovation to ideas to action makes the difference. Mark's work is widely known across media outlets, publications and by the firms themselves as he concentrates on actionable strategy--not just an idea.

Information Tech and Outsourcing

Mark has assisted clients turnaround struggling programs ranging from quick solutions to hundreds of millions.  He has worked offshore in India, Japan, and Singapore with global outsourcing and captive firms including setting up their operations.

Organizational realignment

Often going hand-in-hand with the services in this section, Mark works with internal HR to refocus existing personnel as well as sourcing new people and external relationships.  Efforts have ranged from small teams to over 5,000 individuals domestically and internationally.

M&A Post-deal integration

With a foundational book of the same name, Mark has created repeatable processes and methods to ensure synergies and performance measures are consistently met--financial, technology, quality, risk, security and privacy, and even carve-outs.

available research for clients.

Big data

“Big data” has grabbed the headlines—and the imagination of many seeking to extract riches from the amalgamation of “regular” data.  The hype surrounding big data resides with a fundamental change in stitching together disparate sources for insight and innovation.

Innovative Relevance (IR)

Just because an idea or solution is "innovative" does not mean that it will be useful, profitable or even workable within the enterprise and for customers. Only with the relevant application of innovations can enterprises achieve results--Mark's approaches are contained with his IR books.

Beyond Corporate Project mentality

The myopic focus on enterprises seeking to check-off-the-box of a program or project, fails to anticipate the interdependencies and longer-term demands of most initiatives.  Mark's experiential research shows the ramifications of these failures while planning an iterative action-path forward.

Moving beyond prognosticators

Mark's research and thought leadership provides distinctive measures and indicators to determine success against a road-map of constant adaptability.  Using stepwise dashboards and creative approaches, the theory becomes reality as the environment changes and ideas fade.

Frameworks, Not prescriptions

Across the extensive diagrams, data variables, conclusions, and priority items, Mark has defined frameworks for change and transformation. Often, research is about prescriptive solutions sets--Mark recognizes that every organization is unique and their problems are continually emerging.

Knowing the unknowns

With experience and research, Mark has taken much of the risk with change and turned it into discrete building blocks which are compartmentalized and deployed via orchestration. By avoiding the traditional prescriptions, a more timely and cost effective sequence of solutions can be defined and achieved.

Services by sector.


Mark and his approaches are known leaders within many financial services and banking organizational (FSBO) segments.  His expertise to reformulate institutions post-Great Recession are in high-demand and his approaches consistently quoted.

Consumer Solutions

In an age of consumer uncertainty and evolutionary trends, Mark offers forward seeking leadership practical innovation that leverages existing skills and capabilities, while offering stepwise and radical improvements.


Mark has launched several healthcare informatics firms over his career.  His work in this area resulted in his restructuring of HCIT operations of the largest non-profit provider within the U.S.

High Technology

From work within the traditional Bells to BPO high-tech offshore firms to joint ventures with technology firms and industry enterprises including Silicon Valley firms, Mark has worked the globe in finding and combining efficient solutions.


With his industry knowledge and consulting partner skills, Mark has been tapped as a leader to spearhead initiatives and advise management teams on launch, funding, operations, personnel, and solutions across the globe and primarily within Silicon Valley backed firms.