"What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know.  It is what we know for sure that just ain't so."

-- Mark Twain


"... it will take considerable deliberations and hard work to achieve our strategy shifts, as we are sorry to say, we don’t live in a magical world."

Welcome to the website of Mark P. Dangelo, and his firm, MPD Organizations, LLC.  For over 30 years and across dozens of countries, Mark has been providing leadership and intellectual capital for corporations and foreign governments.  Having his foundations in computer science, Mark has spent his career working on highly complex and

diversified initiatives, programs, and mergers.  As a c-level executive and transformation leader, he has been responsible for operating budgets over $400 million, staffing of over 5,000, and global technology high-availability operations running 24 by 7 by 365. His frontline experiences have served as a foundation for the launch of his writing career in 2004, and since

that time, Mark has published over 1 million words in articles, books, and reports.  Within this site, you will discover a few of the unique expertise's developed over a lifetime of learning and results achieved.  So review the web pages, send Mark a note, or look at his social media. Thanks for stopping by, and he looks forward to hearing from you in the near future.

What Mark does.

  1. Mark is a holistic practitioner of computer science and business management.  His specialties revolve around "fixing what is broken" as well as creating a "new path forward" beyond the populist or prescriptive solutions so common with advisors and turnaround specialists.  His work model is to solve the immediate needs, find an iterative series of next steps, and install the right people to sustain the results.  Strategy is implied, results are explicit.

  2. With executives focused on emerging advancements such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, cyber currencies, information security, cloud provisioning, transitory apps, consumer behaviors and many more, the ability to create an adaptable delivery mosaic is no longer an expertise available due to fragmentation of skills. Mark's frameworks and approaches provide the missing solution ingredients.

Mark's Unique services.

innovative Program resolution and technology restructuring

Transformational consulting is impossible without deep market understanding and operational experience. It is also required for drawing up an improvement plan that will make a positive impact business models and the organization, while leveraging new age approaches to ITO, BPO and KPO methods.

Determining a new path forward leveraging existing capabilities

Efficiencies, integration efforts (e.g., post-deal M&A's), and operational rightsizing all require laser focus and delivery solutions beyond a "lift-and-shift" technique. To capitalize on rapidly changing markets, leverage of personnel and investments must be maximized.

Product and service changes as part of targeted transformations

Alongside a deep analysis of your desired review or path forward, Mark can help you understand what must be changed across technology, process, emerging solutions, mobility and with partners.  To achieve success, iterative, repeatable frameworks are used.

mark's vocation.

Mark's career vocation has been to add value to clients by working alongside them to achieve desired levels of quality, profitability, and results for their products, services, and customers;
to expand their brands and enable their success in a global marketplace.

introducing Mark.

Mark P. Dangelo
Mark P. Dangelo

MPD, Organizations, LLC


Mark is the founder of MPD Organizations, LLC, and his prior collaborative company, Innovative Relevance.  He has worked internationally for over three decades and published over a million words across articles, books, and papers.  He has held senior titles as a c-level executive, consulting partner, and global SME working to the benefit of over 200 firms across his documented career.


Beyond the Technology Traps

Beyond the Technology Traps

JUST RELEASED: Financial Services and Banking Organizations (FSBO’s) are ill-prepared to compete effectively in markets dominated by virtualization, social purpose and rapid innovation—they are architected and regulated for an out-of-date consumer narrative.

Thought Leadership.

More than Checking-a-Box

"What company's need to accept today is that they are competing in a marketplace made up of an ever-changing mosaic of options, solutions, customer demands, and partner capabilities—all tempered by regulators and fickle politicians."

An Out-of-date Narrative

"And one more thing, the principle of cradle-to-grave information management is nearly meaningless against the morphing of data, let alone the 20-fold increase expected in the next six years."


Mark is always ready to help you. There are many ways to contact him. You may drop him a line, give him a call or send an email, choose what suits you the most.

Grafton, Ohio  44044

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