The Power of Reason

"Innovation has become commonplace as an idea and widely accepted within executive suites...”

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Nothing is Unconditional

"...what was once innovative or relevant is hurriedly losing its advantage..."

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Abandon the Old

"...Innovation itself is being innovated—welcome to the 'Age of Innovative Enlightenment'.”

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MPD Organizations, LLC represents three distinct business lines--photography, sustainability and strategic consulting. With three decades of providing outstanding value to clients in over 20 countries, MPD Organizations, LLC is a firm that has constantly succeeded by combining creativity and delivery excellence.

What We Do

We solve problems while innovating success

We have solved vexing problems for clientele around the world ranging from the Fortune 25 to small businesses. Solving problems and finding the best path forward, continue to make us leaders in our fields.

From complex remediation's to global staffing shifts to M&A post-deal alignments, our solution sets and most importantly our results have been documented independently since 2000 resulting in verifiable capabilities.

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Who We Are

mark dangelo headshot July 2013

Mark P. Dangelo

As a founder, Mark has spent years advising and implementing client solutions around the globe.  From strategy to big data to M&A's to compliance to daily operations management, Mark continues to pursue excellence from the front lines of very large programs and organizational transformations.  His work has led to over 150 publications--books, articles, columns, research papers--and he is the creator of Innovative Relevance and Innovative Enlightenment leadership programs.

On the Record

If you ask the right sequence or series of questions, business, process and technological breakthroughs can surface in the “strangest ways”.

What started out as a single article contribution back in 2004, has escalated into MPDL2C personnel publishing for a decade articles, books, research papers, corporate briefs, and even IPO / fundraising materials. Now with a monthly column for an international industry association, MPDL2C interjects its voice into global debates and direction setting consistently reaching over 100,000 readers.

Our Products and services


Relevance and Enlightenment


Post-Deal Integration


Digital Capture and Editing


Strategy and Architecture

Big Data

Orchestration and Reason


Green Design in Agriculture